How to Clean Lamp Shades

Like most great things in life, Lamp shades don’t typically have an infinite lifespan however if carefully maintained and cleaned you will not only keep them looking as beautiful as you first bought them but prolong their lifetime greatly.

Lamp shade maintenance and care is super simple, quick and easy.

Here are some various methods of cleaning for Linen Lampshades we’ve found have fantastic success rates.

Soft Dry Brush - Take a soft bristled brush (ie. 1-2” paintbrush) to brush off the dust.

Do this in long, smooth strokes from the top of the lampshade to the bottom.

Lint Roller - You can use a lint roller to quickly lift dust and dirt.

Vacuum - If you have a vacuum attachment with very soft bristles, you can also clean your lampshade more deeply. Again, slide the vacuum attachment from the top to the bottom as you clean. Ensure vacuum is on a suction setting that the lampshade can tolerate. Avoid using a brush or a vacuum attachment if you notice any rips or tears in your lampshade.

Hair Dryer - Simply take a blow dryer on the lightest, coldest setting and blow the dust off.

Also remember to clean the inside of any lampshade using the same methods.

Positioning and placement of lampshades in your house can have a large impact on your lampshades quality of life. Here are some deterioration prevention tips.

Avoid placing lampshades under/near heating and air conditioning vents.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Be cautious of any ornament and trims as they will need to be removed or carefully cleaned around so they are not damaged.

Ensure lightbulb is not too close to the lampshade so as not to overheat / burn.

Lamp shades can make for some of the most beautiful lighting options in any space you can think of. The huge range of colouring, textiles and versatility is unrivaled, not to mention the beautiful quality of light produced which makes such a huge difference to your home.

Care and maintain for your lampshades properly and you’ll have a stunning, functional light source for many years.