I L  F A N A L E

When we first discovered the iL Fanale range of lighting - it was a case of love at first sight

Based in San Biagio di Callalta, Italy, in their own words

iL Fanale products express the charm and the aesthetic characteristics of vintage lamps, with evocative recalls to poor art and rustic modernity

To us, with its handmade distinctive look, it is

lighting with soul   . . . . .

Some of the features we love :

  • solid quality base metals of copper and brass that get better with age
  • cotton covered and braided electrical flex
  • rise and fall pendants with copper or porcelain counterweights
  • low maintenance, designed for complete exposure to the elements
  • interchangeable parts, flexibility for special requirements or modifications  
 C O N T R A D A  +

C O N T R A D A  +